Celia Bird Musical Biography

I've been involved in music from an early age, studying piano from the age of 4 and accompanying my mother who was an operatic singer. Having studied violin as a child and continued to pla folk guitar for gigs in the UK and abroad, I then went on to study jazz vocals, jazz clarinet and alto sax. 

I have wide experience as a jazz vocalist over the last 15 years singing with a variety of bands in the Med, Essex and Suffolk where I now live. These gigs range from charity gigs to restaurants and pubs and those celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, wedding and parties.

I added jazz clarinet and alto sax to my repertoire and have been playing these instruments for similar gigs over the last 5 years.

My focus is mainly focused on 1930's/40's swing jazz with some 1950's bebop numbers as well. The 1930's/40's songs were, of course, the popular songs of their day - sometimes referred to as The Great American Songbook. I  believe that these jazz standards were some of the best things ever to have come out America - better even than burgers and popcorn!

My vocal musical influences include Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and contemporary influences such as Diana Krall and Cara Emerald. 

My instrumental influences range from Artie Shaw and Woody Hermann from 1930's/40's to Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins and Throlonius Monk from 1950's/60's, some if whose music she enjoys playing on the clarinet and alto sax - as you will see from the Set List.

The 4 bands I plays in are:

1.The Jazzbyrd Trio, comprising Guitar, Bass, Vocals/Clarinet/Alto Sax

2. St Peter's Band, a 40/50 piece concert band 

3. The Selion Octet, a swing band

4. The Selion Quartet, a jazz band